Fuel Injector Cleaning

At Autofit Garage Services, we offer an intense petrol and diesel injector cleaning.

Why do you need fuel injector cleaning?
Cleaning your fuel injector system helps remove fuel build-up and deposits, clears the intake valves and cylinder heads, and flushes out the entire fuel system.

Cleaning the fuel system periodically, can ensure your car performs efficiently. It will extend the life of your car’s engine, improve engine performance, and increase fuel economy. Without proper cleaning, your fuel injector can also become clogged, which causes poor acceleration, loss of power and can eventually lead to serious problems with your engine.

Fuel system cleaning can also reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint, by improving the fuel economy.

How often should you clean your fuel system?
Fuel injection service sounds great, but how often does your vehicle need it? Well, you don’t need to have an intense fuel system clean as often as you’d think.

Years ago, cars had their carburetors cleaned every service and sometimes even in between services, Today’s modern systems have been designed with efficiency and reliability in mind.

However, for newer vehicles we advise around every 60,000 to 80,000 miles, unless a specific problem crops up. We also advise owners to keep a close eye on their vehicle’s fuel economy.

If you notice a sharp downgrade in fuel economy over a few tanks of fuel, it may indicate the need for cleaning.